Seminars and Workshops

The Bulk Academy presents as a premiere event in Russia the BULK DAYS 2006 in Moscow. The event takes place 21th and 22th October 2006 at the conference facility of President Hotel.

The Russian economy has grown with annual growth rates of over six percent since the financial crisis of 1998. In 2004, the rate according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was 7.1 percent, in the previous year 7.3 percent. This growth stimulates investment activities in all industries. Russian manufacturers are gradually extending their production capacities and are investing in the modernisation of their plants and invest in modern machinery, and to an increasing extent they have the necessary financial standing for such measures. No doubt, that bulk and powder is playing a major rolle in the processing industries.

Target group of the BULK DAYS Moscow are representatives, engineers, researchers and technical managers from industry, equipment suppliers and institutions who are involved in any aspect of bulk materials handling, storage, transportation and processing.

BULK DAYS are offering a new format of seminars / workshops and case studies. They provide a platform to discuss state of art in technology. Each participant profits from the results and discussions of his own discipline and from adjacent and new fields of research. The contacts with colleagues is an added bonus.
The official language of the Seminars & Workshops is Russian or English. Simultaneous translations from English to Russian will be provided.

Topics - sneak preview:

  • Reliability of Bulk Materials Handling Supply Chain
  • Flow Properties in Design and Operation of Storage Facilities
  • Dense-Phase Pneumatic Conveying Suitability of Bulk Materials
  • Latest Developments in Pneumatic Conveying Technology
  • Troubleshooting Pneumatic Conveying Systems
  • Modelling and Scale-up for Design and Optimisation
  • Conveying Characteristics – the Secret to Success
  • Blow Tank and Rotary Valve Feeding Systems
  • Dust Hazards and Control Technology
  • Dust Removal, Collection and Management
  • Design of Plant to Minimise Dust Generation
  • Bin/Hopper design
  • Feeders, Screws, Chutes
  • User Problems and Solutions – Forum
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